About Hoson

Hoson International (Trading) Limited Company

We have selection of superior products from Italy and introduces it to the local market. We do carry the famous Italian Parma ham and Caviar from a different area of Italy. Moreover, we also have high quality of truffle products which from the Umbria region of central Italy and the best of red wine from the local.

Italian Wine
Italian has its own philosophy to enjoy the wine which is not just a causal drink. It is showing the world that is a kind of enjoyment of life, and a culture of communication. One of the best ways to understand this piece of land and the history are through of our selection of all the great wine from Italy.

Umbria High Quality Truffles
Since 1990 the company of Tartufi Bianconi began collecting natural pollution-free’s wild truffles from the natural forest. The specially trained truffle dogs always look for the freshest and most intense smell of truffles from the roots of oak trees. After the truffle has completely cleaned and go through all the disinfection treatment, the high-quality truffles products will be ready to serve.

Our Truffles are also exported to many European regions. It is definitely a high quality good reputation product in Italy. The owner of truffle farm is a master chef of cooking truffle and famous in Umbria, Italy. Through twenty years of her cooking experience, she creates the unique homemade truffle recipes and her own famous brand.